Old Letter Yellowing

Is it possible that

this old envelope which

bears a cryptogram once

sealed inside of it has

since been taken as the

secret epigram itself?


Have I settled for these

lines of name and place de-

void  of narrative to

be the storyline that

so will play the plot of

my eventual destiny?


Do I dare to tear this

edge and break the code with a

cipher from outside to

find that I am in a

hero’s role fearlessly falling

toward the most unimaginable


beauty that could ever be

the beautiful?


This little poem is about settling early, something we all tend to do, stopping before arriving at the truth of things, where, if we would have only kept at it, we would have found the thing we were really looking for all along. It reminds me of one of Jesus' favorite phrases: "for the one who has ears to hear."